doublePLUS marketing

"Talent hits a target no one else can hit; Genius hits a target no one else can see"

Stop making me click!

Attention spans are micro-thin and my day moves at a hectic pace. In the very small likelihood I visit your website, you need to know I am here for a very specific reason. I have a problem, a desire, or a need and I'm hoping you might be able to help me.

When I first arrive at your website and all I see is a title page slowly loading which forces me to wait until it's done, then I think you should know, my level of interest (and patience) has just been lowered. You've not only wasted my time by making me watch your stupid commercial, but you've also lowered my level of positive emotions - the very stuff which brought me to your site. Not to forget, you've just wasted one of my clicks. If you present me with a further Enter Site click, then make it's two wasted clicks. Here is where I yawn or grit my teeth (your choice).

Finally, I'm in your site and ready to get what I need. What's this? You've been in business for 36 years, passed down in the family, 25 employees, and on and on. Why are you so eager to share this irrelevant information with me?

Moving on to the navigation menu which is easy to understand - not too many buttons but nicely organized and categorized. A scroll down menu with the categories and items I'm looking for. Now I'm cruising and finding the relative content which I came here for. My initial frustration has subsided and my momentum has somewhat returned.

I still have to wonder though, in the beginning why did you make me wait and click so many times?
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